Profile of Tsuyoki Fukui

I was born in Kyoto in 1957.

My parents are from an artistic family and they are both painters.

I loved to play the bamboo flute in the forest since I was a child.

The vibration of the forest reverberated through me

This experience led me to live in the forest.

There I came across a wonderful bamboo tree and made a bamboo flute.out of it

. I cut it on the day of the new moon, which always leads me to a new encounter.

. I would like to send you the vibration of the sacred forest

I would like to share the wonder of life and the affluent vibration of nature with you.
I would like to resonate the throbbing heart of the forest in your heart.

1989-1993 Natural life of self-supply without electricity or gas in the forest of Kumano

1994 First album[Tenshin-Sogaku] released.

1995 Play the flute at the World Peace Conference( attended by P. Michael Gorbachev).

1999 Second album[Inori( Prayer)] released.

2001 After the 911 disaster flute concert gLove and Prayerh at UN Headquarter and other places in New York

2002-2004 Flute playing on the gTrue Peace Movementh in California, Arizona, Hawaii, Michigan, Illinois

In Cambodia Flute Concert with a Buddhist High Monk Gayuna Cealo

2003 Third album gYawaragif(relax your heart) released

2005 and later Main Activities:

1 solo flute concert

2 supporting concert at the@Japanese black and white drawing exhibition.(sumie) by my parents

3 gInner Peace Gatheringh Meditation Hour with live music, , co-operated with Yumiko Ogawa, a harp player in Kyoto, Kobe, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and other places.

4 gHappy Foresth Band with Yumiko Ogawa

5 Collaboration concert with Masahiro Masuno, a photo artist with the combination of visual sceneries and flute,piano playing

Those activities are going on domestic and abroad as well